Friday, 30 December 2011



I used to have another blog but due to university work and other commitments I stopped blogging and lost my 'mojo', however I'm back with a brand, spanking new clean blog. I'm not sure of the direction of this blog at the moment, I'm just gonna write about the things which interest me and what I think others would also enjoy reading.

If you haven't seen me before I'm Jodie, 20 years old and from the UK. I enjoy watching ice hockey, shopping, spending time with my boyfriend and watching disney films. I love my dog, ruby, tea, ducks, cath kidston, owls, forehead kisses, cupcakes

I like starting things fresh and I thought with 2012 in our sights what would be better than starting a new blog and trying to carry it on throughout the year. I have some posts in mind and may copy across some of the posts from my old blog.

I hope you are all okay and have had a very good christmas and incase I don't post again...


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