Monday, 2 January 2012

to do list 2012

I'm currently working on a list of goals I want to complete in 2012, I'm getting older so I need to start thinking about my life more and what I actually want to achieve. Some of the things on this list will be silly and I probably won't complete them in 2012 or ever but most of them will be serious.
I will keep adding to the list in the next few days/ weeks as I think of other things to add to my list.
  • try and read at least 1 book a month.
  • save ££££££'s
  • start saving money to move in with danny in the next year or two.
  • lose 1/2 stone.
  • grow my hair, go blonder.
  • get fitter, by going to the gym and swimming 3/4 times a week.
  • go to Florida and have an amazing holiday.
  • have more watching underwear sets.
  • be nicer to some people.
  • gain work experience in public relations and have a better idea of what I want to do.
  • Pass my second year at university with a 2:1, never gonna get a first ;)
  • Find a job
  • Finally stop biting my nails
  • Visit different places
  • Keep on top of uni work
  • Lose weight and tone up
  • Take more risks
  • Work hard and stay positive
  • Live, laugh love ;) <3
  • Collect lipsticks and blushers

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