Saturday, 28 January 2012

Weekend Wishlist #002

001 Mr Bunny Black Essentials Kit - I really want a proper set of brushes that are professional. MAC brushes are not that affordable for myself and I'd prefer just to pay out for a kit with these brushes in as its $109.00 but turns out to be £65.00ish which isn't too bad for 12 brushes. At the moment I only have a few ELF brushes they are okay but it limits what I can do and they're really just for the basics, plus I'm sure you can never have too many make up brushes. It's just the delivery prices which put me off abit but then again its cheaper than buying them from UK stockists isn't it?
002 Coral Makeup Bag - I love the coral colour of this makeup bag, it's beautiful! One of my favourite colours for the spring/ summer time. I don't think I'd use it as a makeup bag as I got two for Christmas maybe a pencil case for university.

003 Naked 2 Palette - Who doesn't want this palette? I love the original Naked palette but I'm abit put off from paying £36 for it. I love some of the shades as I have quite light skin so they would be nice. Plus some of them are more shimmery than the original palette and I don't really do shimmer during the day. I'm still in two minds whether to buy it.

004 Tartan Drop Back Shirt - I love tartan and I love shirts. I love the colours of this shirt, you can't go wrong with shirts I don't think anyway.

005 and 006 Sigma E25 and F80 - These are the two brushes that I REALLY REALLY WANT. I really want a shader brush to have a smoky eye look on nights out and stuff and just to have a different look every now and then. This is meant to be as good as the MAC version which makes me want it even more. I've also heard such good things about the Sigma Flat Top Kabuki through bloggers and Youtube, I love the ELF Powder Brush but I expect this brush to be 100x better to blend foundation into the skin and for a flawless  look.

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