Monday, 9 January 2012

Review: Sleek Au Naturale Palette

Sleek Au Naturale Palette (Superdrug) £6.50

I haven't tried any of the Sleek palettes before and had been trying to get my hands on this one for a long time and everytime I went to my local Superdrug they'd never had it in stock. Luckily I managed to pick one up and oh I love it so much. 

The colours ate all perfect for daytime and for night-time which is perfect, at first I wasn't too keen on the darker colours as I thought they may have been too pigmented but they are fine and can be easily blended to make them lighter and great for a smokey eye.

I did unfortunately find some of the lighter shades too chalky and felt they weren't very pigmented.

It is great value for money, the eyeshadows are easy to use and blendable. However it is a great palette, worth the money especially for the darker shades.

Do you own any other Sleek palettes or products that you would recommend?
I hope you've all had a great weekend

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