Tuesday, 10 January 2012


I thought todays post could be a little bit more about me, the things I enjoy and the motivation that I have for this blog.

My name is Jodie Louise and I'm 20, (born on the 23rd August 1991 to be more specific). I'm from Sheffield in the United Kingdom. I'm currently in my second year of university and I'm studying an undergraduate BA Hons in Public Relations and Media. It's always been my desired career path to work in the Media which many teachers thought was pointless at college but he was a boring, 60+, ICT lecturer. I'm extremely passionate about what I want to do and about the industry that I want to work in.
I also have a lovely boyfriend called Danny and we've been together 5, going on 6 years and an American Bulldog (she's as soft as a brush) called Ruby who is 2 years old.

I Like..
Ice hockey, photography, long walks, summer, winter, autumn, books, new bedsheets, blogging, magazines, IKEA, cupcakes, make-up, clothes, shopping, cute things, foxes, owls, ducks, Hello Kitty, Disney, cushions, oversize hoodies, chippy chips, dr pepper, chinese takeaway, cup of tea, tumblr, aos, floral prints, iphone, glitter, Koppaberg, nights out, nights in, Inbetweeners, the Lion King, Boofles, being the little spoon, the Body Shop, Cath Kidston, snuggling, kisses on the forehead, snuggles, Marc Jacobs perfumes, Primark shopping sprees, music, iPod, walks in the woods, jewellery, roller-coasters, Starbucks, youtube videos, peter pan collars. <3

Ice hockey..
Yes I am a girl and girls aren't mean to like sport but ice hockey is my favourite thing in the world. I am a season ticket holder to my local team 'Sheffield Steelers' and have been for around 13 years. I started going to watch my team before I can remember and had a little spot that I would sit in with my pic 'n' mix from Woolworths. I have visited so many different cities which I wouldn't have done if I didn't have this hobby, places ranging from Nottingham to Cardiff, Coventry to Basingstoke, London to Teeside and my favourite place Edinburgh. I have gained so many friends thanks to this hobby aswell, its not just a way to enjoy the sport that I enjoy but a way to socialise and get to know people who love the same thing as me. It's a minority sport and attendances have dropped, but if you have a local ice hockey team in your area, then GO! You may hate it, you may love it but just experiencing a match for the first time will start a love affair. I introduced my boyfriend to ice hockey and ever since he's been hooked, he used to attend football but seems to favour ice hockey over football, theres more action, no men rolling on the floor for no reason, fights, action, atmosphere. I just love it.

This blog is a place where I can write about my thoughts, opinions, ideas, photography, reviews, loves, wishlists and just my life in general. A record of all the things I like and a place to keep them altogether, kind of like an online scrapbook. There might be personal posts, there will be reviews, the main thing about the blog is that I enjoy writing it and it shows who I am and what I enjoy. If I have 1 follower or 1000 followers I will keep posting and the exciting part of the blog is going to be watching it grow and develop into something bigger. I thank you all so much who currently follow me and your the inspiration for this post and will be for many others.

Thank you for reading this post, its abit longer than I thought it would be but I just started to ramble once I got going. I hope you all know me a little better, if there is anything else you want to know or if you have any questions leave a comment below or email me on jodielouise.ox@gmail.com.

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