Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Review: MUA Heaven and Earth Palette

This is the MUA Professional Heaven and Earth Palette, it costs £4 from Superdrug or can be purchased online.
When it comes to eyeshadow I prefer a more neutral eye and thought I would purchase this palette. I already own the Naked Palette but thought I would allow myself some choice on a daily basis. 

The product is so inexpensive for £4, the quality of the eyeshadow is great and they apply nicely, even though they are a little soft when in the palette. I personally prefer the cream/ light brown shades than the dark browns and would save them for a smokey eye look for a night out or if I wanted to do something a little different on a day-to-day basis.
You can never have too many neutral palettes as they so easy to wear and go with pretty much any outfit and fit all moods. I'd prefer to purchase this palette over the Naked Palette, dare I say it, however much I love it, I just prefer the shades in the MUA palette.

Do you have the MUA palette? What other neutral palettes could you recommend me?


  1. very interesting! I have heard loads on this palette.



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