Tuesday, 10 January 2012


For my 21st this year we're going to Florida, yes Disneyland Florida. I am majorly excited, I have always loved Disney and spending my 21st there will be the most amazing time ever. It has come around so quickly as we booked it in June last year and we're going in August this year (19th-3rd September).

Its costing alot of money to go there for two weeks, we have tickets to all the parks in Disney as we're staying there, tickets to Orlando studios, water-parks and all the other touristy places in Florida.

I haven't been abroad ever, I haven't ever been on a plane and I haven't sat on a plane for 10 hours before. Lets just say I'm a little bit nervous, anxious as well as excited because of what will be at the end of the flight.

Basically these post are going to be about my preparation for the holiday eating healthy, losing weight, plans we have and just asking you if we have any recommendations of places to eat, places to visit and other things. I'm hoping theres going to be an expert out there that follows this blog and will tell me everything I need/ want to know and will answer all my questions.

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