Thursday, 12 January 2012

Topshop Wants

I have a giant wishlist of clothes, bags, shoes and accessories I want right now! I thought I'd show you just a few of the things I wouldn't mind getting my hands on and coincidentally they're all from Topshop (ooops)

001 Knitted Mix Striped Hoody - There's nothing better than a slouchy hoody to wear in the winter or just to shove on in the spring/ summer time when the evenings gone cooler. This hoody is a little different to the  usual Topshop ones, I already have a black one and LOVE it so much, its so soft and fits just right.
002 Neon Rose Blush - I've been lusting over the Topshop blushes for so long and need to buy one, for £6 they're great value for money and I've heard good reviews about them. The colour of this one is beautiful.
003 Studded Slippers - I think everyone has these shoes! I love them so much, they're different and beautiful.
004 Leopard Print Leather Bag - WOW leopard print and leather. This bag couldn't get any better, it looks just the right size for day to day and looks like it would fit all my university things in and everything else I normally have in my bag.
005 Chintz Floral Dress - This dress could be dressed up for an evening time, worn during the daytime in the winter with black tights or worn in the summer with sandals. It's such a versatile dress. The print is adorable aswell, the only negative about it is the racerback.
006 War Paint Nail Polish - The colour of this is incredible, so bright and lovely.

Whats on your want list?
I hope your all having a great week!

Yesterday I finally handed in the two assignments that I'd been doing over Christmas. I lacked so much motivation to do them but 3,500 words later they're finished. I also got grades back from before Christmas and was so happy with them, especially as it was my actual public relations module. I've always been a B/C kinda girl and never actually managed to get the A/ A*'s and in the last year and a half I've always been between 55-64 in my university marks which is incredibly frustrating but I was 3 marks off a first, so it was a high 2:1 which I'm so happy about. Gotta keep working to get that 1st :)

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