Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sunday Summary 002

001 - I've been 'trying' to cut down on my spending lately because I've realised its only January and I need some money for February and March and as I don't have a job I just have to rely on my student loan which sucks alot. I might have to raid my cupboards and wardrobe and find somethings to sell on eBay and hopefully I'll have a few ambassador events on the horizon too.

002 - Yesterday I don't know whether I'm going to regret it or just be happy I purchased the Sigma Travel Kit and Sigma Flat Top Kabuki F80 which came to around £48.50. I really could have done with saving the money but I'm just going to have to suffer with the consequences as in the long run I'm going to get alot of use out of them hopefully.

003 - It seems like I haven't stopped mentioning the fact that this week I decided to turn healthy and go back to the gym. I start university next week so I hope this doesn't affect my motivation and at the end of the day I still have Florida that I'm meant to be saving for and wanting to look my best for.

004 - Went for my weekly dog walk earlier, it started raining and then the mud got worse. Lets just say me and Ruby came back in a little bit of a mess.

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. 
I have a number of posts planned for this week so keep a look out.
I've heard its meant to snow in the next few days :/ fingers crossed it doesn't, if it does I hope you all stay safe!

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