Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Things I Want 02

H&M Ballet Pumps - £14.99

Another list of things I want! I think its the summer weather making me want more dresses/ playsuits and I'm feeling all patriotic because of the jubilee. I love this floral strapless dress from H&M it would look great with a tan in the daytime and even on the beach as a cover-up. The floral pattern on the playsuit is lovely and I'm sure it could be warn daytime or evening time on a summers day, just add a pair of tights in the colder evenings. The last thing from H&M are these shoes, I love the brown and a ivory pair as they'd be great for the summer and would look pretty. However the tan lines might be a little dodgy from them. 
The last two items are because of the upcoming jubilee, the bag is perfect - neon and a crown! how patrotic and two of my favourite things! Finally the purse is so cute, the pattern is so good and it shows the things I love in London -the eye, Big Ben, postboxes and the queens guards!

Do you have anything planned for the jubilee weekend? Which of the above is your favourite?

Handbag Essentials

Me to you tissues, compact mirror, ibuprofen, Vaseline (cocoa butter) bobby pins, handkerchief, bobbles, Just Pink perfume (Next), blue pen, comb, Loreal superliner (carbon gloss), Soap & Glory hand food, Carex hand sanitiser, Wilkinsons plasters and Revlon lipstick (Mauve it Over). 
(I also carry a Collection 2000 concealer but I seem to have misplaced it!)

Every girl carries more than they need in their handbag, am I right? 

Here are the little essentials that I feel I need in my handbag just incase. I don't carry all these little things and not use them, when I am out I use most of these things at least once. 

The bag that I keep all this stuff in is a Ted Baker make-up bag that I got for christmas, I love the pattern of the bag, it's a good size to put in your handbag and it fits all the essentials in that I need to carry.

So I'll explain a little bit about why I have what I do!
Tissues, I also seem to need a tissue and never have one so I thought I should just carry a packet around with me. I had a cold recently and they were used throughout that time so it shows just how handy it is. 

A mirror, all girls need a mirror. Just to check that your hair/ make-up is still in the right place during the day and to apply your lipstick.

Ibuprofen I tend to get headaches quite abit and at that time of the month we all have to go through I use them alot.

I seem to always lose bobby pins and then I find them in random places that I never remember putting them so I always try and have a few in my handbag for when I'm off to the gym or I'm in the university library and at times when I'm working I hate having my hair in my face, this is the reason for the bobbles aswell!

The little bottle of perfume is Just Pink from Next, this is one of my favourite perfumes. I love the scent and its a good price too, I think a small bottle is around £6. I got this smaller bottle for christmas in a set of handbag perfumes and always carry this one around with me.

Hand sanitiser I am so hygienic and funny when it comes to my hands being clean, especially on public transport and some toilets when they are really dirty (especially in seaside places) hence why I've got this with me, the scent of this one is nice too rather than the alcoholey smell of the other hand sanitisers. I've smelt the Soap & Glory one and think I need that one too.

Plasters when I don't have them in my handbag I always seem to need them and when I went to London I suffered really badly from blisters so I always carry them now because the pain that day was unbearable (note to self; never trust shoes that you thought wouldn't rub!)

Finally the Revlon lipstick is my favourite everyday lipstick, its the perfect shade for me during the day and its really natural and pretty (I have a review on my blog). If you don't own it, you should!
I'm always on the lookout for new lipsticks of any shade so leave some recommendations below! I think I want to try orange shades and maybe some nice reds?

What else do you carry in your handbag? Do you have a little bag for your 'essentials'?


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Review: No7 Cleanse & Care Eye Make-up Remover

I used to just use a make-up wipe to get rid of all the make-up on my face and eyes and think that was good enough but I began using some mascaras and eyeliners that were difficult to remove with the wipes and I would still wake up with panda eyes.
I got this a couple of days ago from Boots with the trusty No7 voucher and haven't looked back since. I use 2 cotton pads on my eyes and it gently removes the make-up and a little goes along way. 

On the Boots website it says that the 'No7 cleanse and care eye make-up remover uses double-action to condition while you cleanse. No7 cleanse and care eye make-up remover is so gentle it's even suitable for sensitive eyes.' This is something I can back up as I hate anything too fragranced and heavy around my eyes as it makes them feel sore and irritated.

I use this with the alongside my skincare routine that I posted previously and it works fine. I'm really happy with the products that I've been using lately and my skin is happy too.

Can you recommend any other No7 products?

Monday, 28 May 2012

Flab to Fab 001

This is part 1 in a summer series of my tips on eating healthy and getting fit.
I started Weightwatchers a couple of weeks ago and have also set myself a few rules in order to try and get healthier and have a better lifestyle.

The rules that I have tried to set myself are:
  • No fizzy drinks (with full sugar)
  • Eat 5 a day, every day
  • Drink more water, even if its dilute
  • Keep track of measurements every week and keep a record
  • Exercise at least 3 days a week.
  • No fried foods
  • No bad snacks
  • No cheese
  • Friendly foods: salad, vegetables and fruit
  • Choose brown/ wholemeal (bread, rice and pasta)
One of the key things that I have learnt is to try and stay motivated and set yourself small goals for weight loss/ getting fitter. If you want to lose weight take a photo of yourself at the beginning and use it to motivate yourself and it will make you want to change. 

A few weight loss tips are:

  • Fruit and veg are your best friends. They are good for you and will all go towards your 5 a day.
  • Tell people your losing weight. So if you get invited out for a meal with friends you don't have to say no because your worried about what your going to eat. If people know then they'll expect you to get a lighter meal or a salad.
  • Do it for yourself! Don't do it just to please your family, partner or anyone else. You have to make sure your doing it for the right reasons and for you.
  • Make sure you eat in moderation. If you want to eat a few Haribo sweets, do it! Just don't eat the whole packet. Everyone needs a treat every now and then, so don't deprive yourself of what you want.

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Thank you


Sunday, 27 May 2012

Becoming a Better Blogger

I love blogging but have realised I need to become a better blogger! I post regularly but I don't seem to comment and look at my analytics. So I have made a few new 'rules' for myself and I have to keep to them for the next couple of months in order to make myself a better blogger.
001. Comment more - I read so many blog posts on a daily basis and I never comment. I don't no why but I don't, so that's something I want to make myself do. I know how happy it makes me feel when I know someone has took the time to comment on a post that I have written and I want to make someone smile by commenting on theres (so keep an eye out for my name in the comments!)

002. Build authentic relationships - I've spoken to a few of you lovely ladies a couple of times but I want to become 'real' friends with some bloggers and have people to talk to and class them as friends. So come on ladies get talking to me :)

003. Keep an eye on analytics - I'm sure many bloggers become obsessed with their views, comments etc but I can't say that I look that much really. It interests me where my readers come from and what posts they are enjoying winning. I'm going to keep an eye out for key searches and what kind of posts are being read the most on my blog that way I can cover more posts that you enjoy reading.

004. Tackle HTML and design - I am rubbish when it comes to coding and designing I really am, even though I did an A level in Applied ICT and this is one of the topics were covered, I can't remember anything that I did however. So over the summer I'm going to try and get abit more clued up on certain aspects of my blog and try and change the design more, making it look pretty.

005. Be more direct - I often blog about a brand/ a product but I haven't always had the confidence to follow it up with a tweet, email or a general shout out there way, just to let them know that I'm loving what they're doing and that I have talked about there product.

006. Favourite blogs page - I'm going to try and narrow down my favourite blogs and have a page on my blog just so my followers know what I enjoy reading and maybe I can help them find some new blogs to enjoy as much as I do.

If you can think of anything else that I could start doing then just leave a comment below or send me an email! I hope your all enjoying this weather, I know I am :)


Friday, 25 May 2012

Current Favourites

Well this is a kinda monthly favorites/ current favourites as a few of them I haven't been using for a month.
My favourites for this month are; Sleek 'Life's a Peach' blusher, Collection 2000 shimmer shades, Maybelline Colour Tattoo 'On and On Bronze', Collection 2000 sheer loose powder, Garnier Roll-on concealer, Real Techniques contour brush, buffing brush (from the Core Collection) and the blush brush.
The Sleek blusher is one of my most recent purchases and it looks kinda bright in the pan but when its put on your cheek its such a soft colour and looks lovely on the skin. It's also a nice colour for the summer because I prefer more natural make-up or non at all in the summer months. I'd definately recommend this blusher to anyone. I've been using this with the Real Techniques  blush brush, I love this brush! It is so so so soft and puts the right amount on the cheek without it looking too cakey and like you've applied too much blusher.
The Collection 2000 shimmer shades palette I've been using for a highlight lately, it is such a pretty palette and swirling the brush around the whole palette gives your face a nice glow and I've been using the contour brush from Real Techniques as its just the right size and is great. 
Next is the Real Techniques buffing brush again I love this brush so much, its not just a current favourite it might be an ALL TIME favourite! It blends the Garnier Concealer in nicely, I've been liking this abit more this month because it doesn't feel as cakey as the Collection 2000 concealer does at times and gives nice coverage under the eyes too. I've also used it for the Collection 2000 powder, I've been using this as a 'foundation' just to have some kind of coverage on my face as I don't always wear liquid foundation only for nights out really. But the powder is so soft and feels really nice when your put it on your skin. 
Last but not least the Maybelline colour tattoo in 'on and on bronze', it lasts for most of the day when I've worn it and the colour is lovely. It can be blended out to make it look more natural but it can be built up and worn for a more smokey eye.
Other favourites of mine right now which aren't make-up related are; the single We are Young -
Fun. feat. Janelle MonĂ¡e. I absolutely love this song right now, think its the soundtrack to the summer for me, also their album I have downloaded and that is great too! Call My Name - Cheryl (Cole), another feel good summer song, it makes me want to dance about and its just so good. Another favourite right now is ASOS, I'm in love with the website and bought 4 dresses the other day which I'm currently waiting to be delivered. I'm also loving Made in Chelsea, yes I shouldn't but I do. I've always hated it and then I saw everyone talking about it on Twitter, watched it and now I'm obsessed (oh dear)!
I hope your all enjoying this lovely sunshine! I know I am, making the most of it and getting a head start on the tan for the summer without faking it. I hope you all have a lovely weekend! I'm spending tomorrow infront of the TV watching the League one playoff final Sheffield United v Huddersfield! COME ON YOU BLADES :)

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Things I Want 01

The most popular bag amongst bloggers right now, I love it. It's not over priced either like some of the bags in Zara, I'm really into rose gold right now so thats another plus. The dress is so pretty and summery, it would look lovely on a sunny day and for a night out maybe. With the weather getting warmer and summer approaching I hate to wear a full face of foundation and this powder seems perfect and gives good coverage, I really want to try it and I've heard good things about it.


Midweek summary

It seems like forever since I last did one of these posts!
001. Alot has happened over the last few weeks. I officially finished my second year of university this week after handing in my final assignment, its so weird thinking that when I go back I'll be in my last year and all the dissertation stress will begin :( so if people have any tips leave them below.
002. I had a really bad cold/ flu last week and it was horrible. I spent the week on max flu tablets and think it was a chest infection that was coming to an end because I'd had a really bad cough for a couple of weeks and never went to the doctors, something I regret. I'm fighting fit right now and might have to start taking vitamins because I always seem to be ill.
003. I went to see American Reunion yesterday with Danny and it was so funny. I love the American Pie films and it was the best I think, other than number 2. Theres so many films I want to see right now; The Avengers, The Lucky One, Men in Black 3 (when its released). Whats your favourite American Pie film?
004. I've got a couple of interviews coming up so fingers crossed something comes of them. I'm in desperate need of a job and something to occupy my time because I get bored easily.
005. I've been back on Weightwatchers for the last couple of weeks and I just enjoy it. It allows you to eat what you want more or less and lose weight at the same time. Last week I lost 4lbs which I'm quite proud of and I just need to get back to the gym then I'll lose more. I'm a strange person and actually enjoy the gym (other than when its sunny weather).
006. So many nice clothes, jewellery and bags everywhere right now. Really wish I had more money to spend, I think its the weather, blogging and watching Youtube that makes me wanna buy more stuff. I spent £60 (ooops)! on ASOS the other day on 4 dresses that should have been full price and were in the sale, 2 of them were £35 originally so I've saved quite alot of money.
007. There's so much good music coming out lately. Obsessed with Fun. - We are Young, think its my summer anthem and Cheryl (Cole) - Call my Name. There's so many!
008. OMG I'm obsessed with Made in Chelsea. YES, I used to hate it and was like euuuurgh so boring and their voices annoy me but its so good at the minute, I've watched the last couple of episodes and I'm gonna re-watch the rest on Youtube or 4OD. It's better than TOWIE right now in my eyes.
Well I hope you've enjoyed this little update. I'll try and find more things to blog about in the coming week, if people are interested I'll do a Weightwatchers post/ keeping fit stuff and if anyone wants to request a post comment below. I'm thankful for each and everyone of my followers. It makes me happy when I slowly see the followers increase :)


Saturday, 19 May 2012

Everyday Skincare Routine

One of my new years resolutions was to have a proper skincare routine that I would use daily and believe it or not I have stuck to this resolution!

The products I've been using are No7 Foaming Cleanser, Garnier Fresh Essentials Refreshing Scrub and Hydrating Day Cream.

I have normal/ combination skin and I feel that all these three products help to keep my skin feeling clean and they work for me without breaking me out and drying my skin out.
So first of all, I use the No7 Foaming Cleanser to cleanse my face, to use the product you just have to wet your face using warm water, use a couple of pumps and then rub it into the face and then wash it off. It leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed. I then use the Garnier Refreshing Scrub, I don't use this every day maybe 2-3 times a week after I have cleansed, I use one squirt as a little goes a long way and mainly concentrate on my nose, chin and forehead as these are the areas that get greasiest the most but I also use it all over my face. I then dry my face off and use the Garnier Fresh Essentials day cream. This hydrates the skin well and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy and dry later in the day, if anyone has normal to combination skin I'd definately recommend the moisturiser. The moisturiser is also lightweight and it's kinda gel like to use.
Both of the Garnier products contain grape water and vitamin E, this smells so nice and are 'fresh' products for the skin. The No7 cleanser has a scent but it isn't too strong and is really nice smelling.

What is your skincare routine? I really want to try the Liz Earle range as I've heard so much good stuff about them so I'm wanting to make my first purchase. But at the moment this skincare routine is working for me!


Friday, 18 May 2012

Review: Soap & Glory Hand Food

Soap & Glory Hand Food (Boots)

Soap & Glory is one of my all-time favourite brands (a big statement but its so true!) and this is by far the best hand cream I have ever used!

It is so gorgeous smelling, it isn't too heavy and it isn't too light. It's just PERFECT. 
The ingredients in the hand food are; shea butter (rich in Vitamins A, E and F) and marshmallow nourishes and soothes chapped, dry skin while the macadamia oil softens, heals and moisturises the skin.

The other reason I love this product so much is because it is hydrating and it soaks directly into your hands and leaves them feeling silky soft, unlike many hand creams which I feel leave my hands feeling greasy. 

For a 125ml bottle it is £5 and for 50ml it is £2.50 which I think is great as the bottle seems to last for a while and you can never pay too much for a good hand cream. Personally I've only ever bought one bottle when I first found out about the product because I get the christmas sets and they are always in there so I have a nice stash in my bedroom!

There is also a 3 for 2 offer on at Boots at the moment so you can stock up of this and other Soap & Glory favourites.

What are your thoughts on 'hand food'? or do you have any other Soap & Glory favourites?


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Weekend Wishlist #005

This is the first wishlist I have done in a while and it was difficult to cut it down to just a few items. I'm so proud of myself as I haven't bought that much in a while as I'm wanting to save money for my holiday in August! I've also been procrastinating with one university assignment so I've been looking around the internet alot aswell. 

How cute are the shorts? They would look so nice in the summer with a simple vest or a t-shirt in the evening. They'd look wonderful in Florida ;)
I love this shirt too by Topshop, the price is reasonable too for them so I might see what it looks like in person and maybe buy it!

I've seen this blush by Sleek everywhere on the internet, I want it so so so much! I need to check all my local Superdrugs to try and get my hands on it. I bought my first Sleek blush the other week and they are so nice and a good price too. 
NARS Albatross, I want to pop my NARS cherry sometime but I need to find the perfect product to spend my money on. I was thinking this but I'm also looking at Laguna Bronzer, Gina Blush and a couple of eyeshadows.

I've heard alot about the Loreal Foundation aswell but I've heard the shade range isn't that good. I always seem to buy foundations as I haven't found one that I am in love with yet on the highstreet, maybe this is the one? I also like a dewy/ medium coverage so I need to read into this abit more and maybe go and try it out.

Studded shoes are everywhere and have been done already but its summer time again now and I see they are back! I never got into the trend last time but I really like these Misguided ones. I love the website at the moment. Go and check it out.

I am in love with this bag. I love mint and I love the bag looking at it online. (how many times can you say love in a sentence). It would be so lovely for the summer, going to check in my local Topshop to see if hey have it and look at it size wise.

What do you think of my wishlist?

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


I'm at the end of my second year in my PR degree and I'm currently on the hunt for an internship/ work experience in order to bulk up my CV and for it to look more impressive once I've finished my degree. At the moment I am involved in charity PR and I doing some volunteering work for them that involves PR.
However, I'm not going to make this post into a 'how to get in charity PR' and internships involved in this area, I'm going to look at internships in general and the steps I'm taking to try and find one myself.

What is PR?

Firstly, it might be easier for you to understand what PR is and why I'm interested in the area. The idea of PR is to gain coverage for the brand that you are working for e.g. in magazines, newspapers, blogs or on the radio. With the increase in social media the list is endless! The aim is to catch the attention of people and get them talking about the brand or the product, so its all about creativity - writing press releases, organising event.
There are 2 types of places that you can work in PR: agencies, these are companies who look after a number of clients (brands) and they focus on working on the PR for them, whereas the other is 'In-house' which is where the brand does the PR for themselves.

What next?

So before you start looking, one of the key pieces of advice I have is to be prepared! Many internships will offer an interview at very short notice and they are unpaid most of the time, however your travel expenses may be covered. I've looked at a wide variety of internships for PR and have found that most of them are located in London.
It is also a good idea to try and keep your CV up-to-date so that if your continuously applying for internships and doing other things at the same time. Another key piece of advice is to mention your blog on your CV! Especially if your interested in beauty/ fashion and thats what your applying for, as this is a record showing that your passionate about the subject and this will work in your favour!

Where to look?

One of the least obvious places to look for internships/ work experience is Twitter! Many brands
will 'tweet' upcoming and current opportunities, so keep an eye out for any opportunities that are advertised. Also try and follow the brands/ companies that you are interested in working for as this allows you to have a direct connection with them. Other places that can be used to find beauty PR interns are 'Diary Directory Job Lot' - this is like a big Yellow Pages advertising internships around the country (again mainly in London). Another website that I'd recommend is 'CEW', this has the odd internship advertised. Lastly, talk to people! If you want to get involved in a specific company, directly contact them via phone not email that way they can not ignore you and it shows your interest, also if you have friends/ family members talk to them and ask them to put in a good word for. One of the key pieces of advice that I was given by industry experts is 'it's not what you know, it's who you know'.


Most people have the view of interviews being horrible, I know I do! I am also terrible at them but one of the things that I have learnt lately about myself is that I need to have more confidence and that is one of the main traits that they want to see in PR, as well as organisation, creativity and good writing skills. All of these things are shown through blogging, so try and involve that somewhere in the interview. Also do not just let them ask you questions, have some questions ready yourself 'what would a typical day for an intern be like?', 'how many people work at the company?'. These make you sound really interested in the internship and show your prepared. Also it is good to know how long the intern will last for (usually its between 3-6 months) and what expenses they offer to you. 
What to expect?

Be prepared to send alot of emails, in the last couple of months I must have sent out 20+ emails/ applications for work experience/ interns. This has made me learn one thing... be patient and you will get there eventually. Also be prepared for rejection, I could not count the number of 'no's' on one hand, that I have received for job applications etc, it starts to get you down after a while but then you realise that it will pay off eventually and to just keep putting the effort in. The work experience that I am doing at the moment is 'freelance' in a way, I get asked to write press releases and put together PR campaigns every now and then and for the other I am currently in the process of producing a website for the charity, along with one of my university friends! This has not been touched for a few weeks but I have had university work to do first, but they understand and I got took on through university.

No matter what opportunity you get, just be proactive and enthusiastic with everything they throw at you, at the end of the day everything you do is more experience to put on your CV. You might hate it but everyone has to start somewhere, the more experience that you get the better! One last piece of advice is to keep your CV up to date and keep a diary of what tasks you are doing each day so that you can pop this on your CV!

Right, ramble over! I hope that this helps some of you, if you have any other questions or I have missed something leave it in the comments below and I'll try and answer it! :D

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Insta-updates #1

Danny & Ruby cuddles; batdog; smiley Ruby; yellow fields; river Thames in Goring; bluebells in the woods; patriotic Danny; telephone box; dominos.


Friday, 11 May 2012

Review: Sleek Blush

Sleek Blush (£4.30) Superdrug

Another one of the items that I bought in my little Superdrug haul! 

I have always liked the Sleek products other than the Superdrug which I can get to the easiest is always sold out of the items I want, so I had a little look and saw that they had the blushes in.
I've  heard such good things about the blushes and thought I had to buy one. I originally wanted the new Sleek Blush by 3 palette which they didn't have :( 

I picked up 'Life's a Peach' which is a gorgeous pastel matte peach colour, I was immediately drawn to this blush as I thought it would look so pretty in the summer and I love peach colour!

When I swatched the blush I thought of wow, the colour looks quite bright in the palette but once I tried it the colour was subtle but really pretty at the same time. I can't wait to wear it.

I also love the packaging of the blush as they have the little mirror inside which is great for travelling or for touching up during the day if you have it in your make up bag. I love the simple, sleek black packaging aswell it makes the product look more expensive than it actually is.

There are so many other shades of the Sleek blushes I want, I'm into blushes right now and these are great quality, affordable and have a great range of shades available.

Do you have any Sleek blushes that you'd recommend?


Thursday, 10 May 2012

Review: Maybelline Colour Tattoos

Maybelline - Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Shadow: Boots/superdrug (£4.99) *
Eternal Gold, Permanent Taupe and On and on Bronze

These products have been raved about by EVERYONE in the blogging world and on Youtube, I've had these quite a while and haven't got round to raving about them myself until now! When I first heard about these, I fell in love instantly. I'd always wanted a MAC paint pots just to see what they were like and they seemed easy to wear and use, these are such a good cheap, alternative and for £4.99 compared to the £12.99 MAC charge I instantly know which ones I'd prefer.

The three which I have are On and On Bronze (a rich copper chocolate brown with a gorgeous sheen), Eternal Gold (a gold cream colour) and Permanent Taupe (an almost matte brown). 

The Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr shadows are incredibly pigmented gel/cream shadows, I'm not sure whether they last a whole 24 hours as I don't keep make-up on for this long.
Overall I really love these little pots, even now! They are so easy to apply and I usually use my finger to put the colour on the lids, they blend so easily and last so long without smudging or creasing. The consistency of them is smooth and creamy which makes it nicer to apply aswell.

I think the lasting power is amazing, especially as it is a drug-store product and is not high end. 
They're absolutely worth getting, the price is spot on and I reckon they'll last a while too.

I''d highly recommend these shadows, especially if you're looking for a long wearing cream eye shadow. They are so easy to apply and have a great range of shades, the price is amazing considering the quality of the product.

I really hope they bring some more shades out! Will you be picking these up?


What's on my Face

A quick post to share with you my daily make up routine. I don't think I've shared my face much on here so maybe this is something I need to change :) sorry for the rubbish iPhone photograph!

Garnier Essentials Hydrating Day Cream
Boots Eye Cream

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer
Benefit Erase Paste
Collection 2000 Loose Powder

Maybelline One by One volume mascara
Urban Decay Naked Palette
(I didn't do my brows)


Let me know if you'd like to see more of these posts and I'll use a better quality camera.


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Happy List

ten things that have been making me happy this week:
1. girls night out
2. kisses and cuddles
3. finishing university assignments
4. Britain's Got Talent
5. Ben Howard's Radio 1 Live Lounge version of Call Me Maybe
6. baking cakes
7. music - I'm loving the new music that's being released lately
8. getting surprise money!
9. new copy of Cosmo and finding out Glamour has Benefit freebies this month
10. no added sugar Vimto

what's been making you happy this week?

Review: Collection 2000 Shimmer Shades

Collection 2000 Shimmer Shades (£4.19) Boots/ Superdurg

Yes! I'm back with a haul. I popped into Superdrug today and saw that make-up was on 3 for 2 (mix and match all the brands) so I couldn't just ignore it, I had to go in. There were things I was going to get from Boots so I thought I'd also save myself money.

The first item is the Collection 2000 shimmer shades in way to glow. It is a multi purpose highlighter and bronzer in one compact, with the aim to give a 'subtle glow' to the face. 

There are four individual colours in the palette, a champagne, a rosy pink, a golden bronze and a pinky brown shade. They are all shimmery, soft and easy to blend onto the skin. They are not highly pigmented but this is something I wouldn't want from a highlighter/ bronzer, I'd rather it give a subtle glow like its meant to. They are shimmery with a some glitter but this is fine and not chunky at all which is always good.
The packaging is quite thick and sturdy which is always good if its in a make-up bag as it's less likely to get smashed. The shades are pressed firmly into the pan and they are soft to touch.
I'm quite excited to use the product and might even use the shades on my eyes as I'm sure they'd make a great eyeshadow too. I'll also use it with my Real Techniques Blusher Brush or the Real Techniques contour blush to put the highlight on my cheeks.

The product retails at £4.19 which I think is a great price for a highlighting and bronzing product. I'd really recommend this product, especially for the summer months (if the sun decides to come out). I also have the 'Blushalicious' palette in the Shimmer Shades range which is really nice aswell.

I hope you enjoy this review and go and enjoy the Superdrug 3 for 2 ;)


Thursday, 3 May 2012


I began blogging in order to be more creative and as an outlet to express my opinions on products I enjoy and just life in general. Beyond blogging, I spend my time eating, seeing my family, friends and my boyfriend and trying to find a job, internship or whatever is out there. But I'm guessing this is the life of a student eh?

I haven't blogged in over 3 weeks because of life basically, having other things to focus on and not having time to photograph products, or just sit down and have a moment with my thoughts and express them online. But now and then I think I need to realise I can't do everything at once, I'm not superman and just need to sit down and type and express my thoughts. This is where blogging is great for myself, its a little place online where I can sit and do this, talk about the things I enjoy and interact with others aswell as letting people read my own rants which my boyfriend or friends might not be interested in!
The direction of my blog is going to change, it seems to just be reviews which is something that I didn't want when I began blogging as I knew this would become a little boring for myself even though from the stats they seem popular but I've decided to try and become a little more personal. Whether this be personal posts with me ranting, make-up reviews, about the music I enjoy or just summing up my week. I also love photography so will try and post more of my own photos which I have taken in the past. Today is the day where change happens! I'm free from university now so can blog more and have more free time. I'm really excited about this and can't wait to try and build more relationships with other bloggers.

I'm making a pledge to blog as myself and about things that I enjoy.
p.s. does anyone remember Raggy Dolls? One of my all time favourite programmes from when I was younger!