Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Review: No7 Cleanse & Care Eye Make-up Remover

I used to just use a make-up wipe to get rid of all the make-up on my face and eyes and think that was good enough but I began using some mascaras and eyeliners that were difficult to remove with the wipes and I would still wake up with panda eyes.
I got this a couple of days ago from Boots with the trusty No7 voucher and haven't looked back since. I use 2 cotton pads on my eyes and it gently removes the make-up and a little goes along way. 

On the Boots website it says that the 'No7 cleanse and care eye make-up remover uses double-action to condition while you cleanse. No7 cleanse and care eye make-up remover is so gentle it's even suitable for sensitive eyes.' This is something I can back up as I hate anything too fragranced and heavy around my eyes as it makes them feel sore and irritated.

I use this with the alongside my skincare routine that I posted previously and it works fine. I'm really happy with the products that I've been using lately and my skin is happy too.

Can you recommend any other No7 products?

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