Saturday, 19 May 2012

Everyday Skincare Routine

One of my new years resolutions was to have a proper skincare routine that I would use daily and believe it or not I have stuck to this resolution!

The products I've been using are No7 Foaming Cleanser, Garnier Fresh Essentials Refreshing Scrub and Hydrating Day Cream.

I have normal/ combination skin and I feel that all these three products help to keep my skin feeling clean and they work for me without breaking me out and drying my skin out.
So first of all, I use the No7 Foaming Cleanser to cleanse my face, to use the product you just have to wet your face using warm water, use a couple of pumps and then rub it into the face and then wash it off. It leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed. I then use the Garnier Refreshing Scrub, I don't use this every day maybe 2-3 times a week after I have cleansed, I use one squirt as a little goes a long way and mainly concentrate on my nose, chin and forehead as these are the areas that get greasiest the most but I also use it all over my face. I then dry my face off and use the Garnier Fresh Essentials day cream. This hydrates the skin well and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy and dry later in the day, if anyone has normal to combination skin I'd definately recommend the moisturiser. The moisturiser is also lightweight and it's kinda gel like to use.
Both of the Garnier products contain grape water and vitamin E, this smells so nice and are 'fresh' products for the skin. The No7 cleanser has a scent but it isn't too strong and is really nice smelling.

What is your skincare routine? I really want to try the Liz Earle range as I've heard so much good stuff about them so I'm wanting to make my first purchase. But at the moment this skincare routine is working for me!


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  1. I'll have to give these a go! I have dry skin in the winter, but once spring/summer comes around it starts to become combination I guess. Although I haven't changed up my products they seem to still be working fine on my skin even though the weather has changed. I just use Cetaphil cleanser and mosturize with Cetaphil moisturizer. :)


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