Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Things I Want 02

H&M Ballet Pumps - £14.99

Another list of things I want! I think its the summer weather making me want more dresses/ playsuits and I'm feeling all patriotic because of the jubilee. I love this floral strapless dress from H&M it would look great with a tan in the daytime and even on the beach as a cover-up. The floral pattern on the playsuit is lovely and I'm sure it could be warn daytime or evening time on a summers day, just add a pair of tights in the colder evenings. The last thing from H&M are these shoes, I love the brown and a ivory pair as they'd be great for the summer and would look pretty. However the tan lines might be a little dodgy from them. 
The last two items are because of the upcoming jubilee, the bag is perfect - neon and a crown! how patrotic and two of my favourite things! Finally the purse is so cute, the pattern is so good and it shows the things I love in London -the eye, Big Ben, postboxes and the queens guards!

Do you have anything planned for the jubilee weekend? Which of the above is your favourite?

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