Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Midweek summary

It seems like forever since I last did one of these posts!
001. Alot has happened over the last few weeks. I officially finished my second year of university this week after handing in my final assignment, its so weird thinking that when I go back I'll be in my last year and all the dissertation stress will begin :( so if people have any tips leave them below.
002. I had a really bad cold/ flu last week and it was horrible. I spent the week on max flu tablets and think it was a chest infection that was coming to an end because I'd had a really bad cough for a couple of weeks and never went to the doctors, something I regret. I'm fighting fit right now and might have to start taking vitamins because I always seem to be ill.
003. I went to see American Reunion yesterday with Danny and it was so funny. I love the American Pie films and it was the best I think, other than number 2. Theres so many films I want to see right now; The Avengers, The Lucky One, Men in Black 3 (when its released). Whats your favourite American Pie film?
004. I've got a couple of interviews coming up so fingers crossed something comes of them. I'm in desperate need of a job and something to occupy my time because I get bored easily.
005. I've been back on Weightwatchers for the last couple of weeks and I just enjoy it. It allows you to eat what you want more or less and lose weight at the same time. Last week I lost 4lbs which I'm quite proud of and I just need to get back to the gym then I'll lose more. I'm a strange person and actually enjoy the gym (other than when its sunny weather).
006. So many nice clothes, jewellery and bags everywhere right now. Really wish I had more money to spend, I think its the weather, blogging and watching Youtube that makes me wanna buy more stuff. I spent £60 (ooops)! on ASOS the other day on 4 dresses that should have been full price and were in the sale, 2 of them were £35 originally so I've saved quite alot of money.
007. There's so much good music coming out lately. Obsessed with Fun. - We are Young, think its my summer anthem and Cheryl (Cole) - Call my Name. There's so many!
008. OMG I'm obsessed with Made in Chelsea. YES, I used to hate it and was like euuuurgh so boring and their voices annoy me but its so good at the minute, I've watched the last couple of episodes and I'm gonna re-watch the rest on Youtube or 4OD. It's better than TOWIE right now in my eyes.
Well I hope you've enjoyed this little update. I'll try and find more things to blog about in the coming week, if people are interested I'll do a Weightwatchers post/ keeping fit stuff and if anyone wants to request a post comment below. I'm thankful for each and everyone of my followers. It makes me happy when I slowly see the followers increase :)


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