Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Handbag Essentials

Me to you tissues, compact mirror, ibuprofen, Vaseline (cocoa butter) bobby pins, handkerchief, bobbles, Just Pink perfume (Next), blue pen, comb, Loreal superliner (carbon gloss), Soap & Glory hand food, Carex hand sanitiser, Wilkinsons plasters and Revlon lipstick (Mauve it Over). 
(I also carry a Collection 2000 concealer but I seem to have misplaced it!)

Every girl carries more than they need in their handbag, am I right? 

Here are the little essentials that I feel I need in my handbag just incase. I don't carry all these little things and not use them, when I am out I use most of these things at least once. 

The bag that I keep all this stuff in is a Ted Baker make-up bag that I got for christmas, I love the pattern of the bag, it's a good size to put in your handbag and it fits all the essentials in that I need to carry.

So I'll explain a little bit about why I have what I do!
Tissues, I also seem to need a tissue and never have one so I thought I should just carry a packet around with me. I had a cold recently and they were used throughout that time so it shows just how handy it is. 

A mirror, all girls need a mirror. Just to check that your hair/ make-up is still in the right place during the day and to apply your lipstick.

Ibuprofen I tend to get headaches quite abit and at that time of the month we all have to go through I use them alot.

I seem to always lose bobby pins and then I find them in random places that I never remember putting them so I always try and have a few in my handbag for when I'm off to the gym or I'm in the university library and at times when I'm working I hate having my hair in my face, this is the reason for the bobbles aswell!

The little bottle of perfume is Just Pink from Next, this is one of my favourite perfumes. I love the scent and its a good price too, I think a small bottle is around £6. I got this smaller bottle for christmas in a set of handbag perfumes and always carry this one around with me.

Hand sanitiser I am so hygienic and funny when it comes to my hands being clean, especially on public transport and some toilets when they are really dirty (especially in seaside places) hence why I've got this with me, the scent of this one is nice too rather than the alcoholey smell of the other hand sanitisers. I've smelt the Soap & Glory one and think I need that one too.

Plasters when I don't have them in my handbag I always seem to need them and when I went to London I suffered really badly from blisters so I always carry them now because the pain that day was unbearable (note to self; never trust shoes that you thought wouldn't rub!)

Finally the Revlon lipstick is my favourite everyday lipstick, its the perfect shade for me during the day and its really natural and pretty (I have a review on my blog). If you don't own it, you should!
I'm always on the lookout for new lipsticks of any shade so leave some recommendations below! I think I want to try orange shades and maybe some nice reds?

What else do you carry in your handbag? Do you have a little bag for your 'essentials'?


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