Sunday, 27 May 2012

Becoming a Better Blogger

I love blogging but have realised I need to become a better blogger! I post regularly but I don't seem to comment and look at my analytics. So I have made a few new 'rules' for myself and I have to keep to them for the next couple of months in order to make myself a better blogger.
001. Comment more - I read so many blog posts on a daily basis and I never comment. I don't no why but I don't, so that's something I want to make myself do. I know how happy it makes me feel when I know someone has took the time to comment on a post that I have written and I want to make someone smile by commenting on theres (so keep an eye out for my name in the comments!)

002. Build authentic relationships - I've spoken to a few of you lovely ladies a couple of times but I want to become 'real' friends with some bloggers and have people to talk to and class them as friends. So come on ladies get talking to me :)

003. Keep an eye on analytics - I'm sure many bloggers become obsessed with their views, comments etc but I can't say that I look that much really. It interests me where my readers come from and what posts they are enjoying winning. I'm going to keep an eye out for key searches and what kind of posts are being read the most on my blog that way I can cover more posts that you enjoy reading.

004. Tackle HTML and design - I am rubbish when it comes to coding and designing I really am, even though I did an A level in Applied ICT and this is one of the topics were covered, I can't remember anything that I did however. So over the summer I'm going to try and get abit more clued up on certain aspects of my blog and try and change the design more, making it look pretty.

005. Be more direct - I often blog about a brand/ a product but I haven't always had the confidence to follow it up with a tweet, email or a general shout out there way, just to let them know that I'm loving what they're doing and that I have talked about there product.

006. Favourite blogs page - I'm going to try and narrow down my favourite blogs and have a page on my blog just so my followers know what I enjoy reading and maybe I can help them find some new blogs to enjoy as much as I do.

If you can think of anything else that I could start doing then just leave a comment below or send me an email! I hope your all enjoying this weather, I know I am :)



  1. These are some really good tips :) I love reading, commenting, Tweeting etc with other bloggers! I've also just started being more direct with brands, Tweeting is definitely a great thing for that! x

    1. Yeah I really should tweet more, just I have alot of friends and my boyfriend on there and they don't no about my blog at the moment :/ x

  2. Good topic here, I just actually unfollowed some blogs earlier coz I felt ignored. Even some well known bloggers wont even give an effort to reply back to any comments I left them. Blogging for me is social interaction, if they dont interact what's the point in following them anyway? Seems like as there followers count grew there heads grew too. Straight talk right there, just my opinion.

    1. Yeah exactly, everything is about interaction nowadays thats what social medias all about! x


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