Monday, 16 July 2012

Life: Update.

Life right now is a little bit hectic, I have so much going on and I thought these holidays I was just going to be relaxing and pretty bored but I haven't been. Since I last blogged alot has happened especially since my last update.

001. First of all I want to say a BIG thank you I've reached 40 GFC followers, I know it takes time to gain followers but this actually means alot to me. I probably don't deserve it after not posting for a few weeks but I'm going to try and get things up and running again as I enjoy it so much.

002. It's literally 4 weeks until I go to Florida now! How scary. We've got the itinerary planned for what we're doing each day and all the essentials other than mini travel bottles which I can't seem to find anywhere. I've got most of my spending money and keep seeing so much I want to buy but I really want to try and save my money. If anyone has any recommendations on places to visit or eat then please comment and leave them below.

003. I've been using contact lenses as a trial in the run up to my holiday aswell just to make day-to-day living easier and stuff. It's weird after wearing glasses for the last 10 years and when I don't have my glasses on I sometimes feel all like woah whos that infront of the mirror.

004. I purchased a Kindle this weekend as a little gift to myself and for my holiday, I want to save for an iPad I think and I might get one in Florida as they are more in dollars but obviously aren't in pounds or I might save and get one in England when I'm home.

I hope your all well and aren't too sick of the weather, I know I am!

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