Friday, 10 August 2012


I'm a huge book lover and never thought that I'd actually ever cave and turn to ebooks but it happened and I bought a Kindle. For a few months I'd be in a battle with myself as to whether I'd prefer to stick with tradition or turn to a Kindle.

Since I was small I've always loved books and was a bookworm as a child, instead of being outside playing with friends most of the time I'd be inside reading a book which I didn't mind as it was my hobby in a way, so you can imagine the amount of books which I actually own. These include books from my childhood, The Tiger who Came for Tea, Mr and Little Miss Collection, Goosebumps, classics and my more recent favourites. I just always feel like having an actual book is better and being able to look at them all lined up makes me happy (in a strange way!)

I was also swayed by how much travelling I do, to and from university, going to different cities for ice hockey and the two 10 hour plane journeys that I'll be doing in a weeks time.

Once I'd charged it, I purchased my first ebook from the Amazon Kindle Store which was Karl Pilkington's travel diaries, I love this man and it's like a written version of An Idiot Abroad which I also love. I paid.... 20p! Yes thats it. The hardback version of the book was £8+ which put me off purchasing it.

So I'm guessing your wondering what my views are on my Kindle?

I absolutely love it and don't regret getting it at all. Part of me does miss having an actual book to read but there are many more advantages of having my Kindle.
It's really light and easy to handle, small enough to fit in your handbag on a day-to-day basis without weighing your bag down, it's really easy to use and best of all I seem to read books very quickly. I bought a baby pink case and a book light from eBay which simply clips onto the case, allowing me to read it in the dark as I love to read before I go to sleep. The battery also lasts for ages without wifi turned on and even with it turned on. One little problem I have with it is that I wish that ebooks didn't cost as much as a paperback book, maybe I seem like a cheapskate but there is no printing or materials required for it so surely it should be a little cheaper? Also you don't have to worry what books to take with you on holiday as you can take them all which is a big big big advantage in my eyes.

If someone asked me, 'shall I buy a Kindle?' My answer would be YES, YES, YES!

Do you have a Kindle? Are you obsessed with it as I am? Also what books would you recommended? I will read anything!



  1. I am absolutely in love with mine, best present I've ever had! Where is your case from please?

    Danielle x

    1. The case is just from a seller on ebay :) x

  2. I really want a kindle... I hope it will get me reading more :)


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