Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sunday Summary 008

1. Dollars/ 2. Golden Postbox/ 3. Seaside in Sheffield/ 
4. Pineapple necklace/ 5. Painting the golden postbox/ 6. Picnic time on one of the recent sunny days!

So its Sunday 12th August 2012 which means its the end of the Olympics, I've literally not watched anything else other than them for the past 2 weeks and will be watching my telly this evening ready for the closing ceremony, if its as amazing as the opening ceremony then I may shed a few tears. I'm not sure what I'm even going to watch on TV this week as for the past 2 weeks its been sports, sports and more sports.

It's also a week until I head off to Florida and I'm getting so excited but nervous aswell because I've never been on a long distance flight, the only flight I've ever been on was 45 minutes to Belfast so if you lovelies have any tips or things I should make sure I take then please leave them in the comments below.

The gold postbox is in Sheffield city centre for the amazing Jessica Ennis winning the gold medal in the Heptathlon. She is such an inspiration and it was nice to be able to cheer someone on from my home city. I was so nervous watching but it was a freat thing to see and the whole of the evening last Saturday was pretty special with Team GB winning 3 medals in 45 minutes.

I've woken up this morning and realised that in a weeks time I will be in Florida! How scary. This week will be one of the quickest and most stressful weeks of my life which will be sponsored by lists as I'll make around 1000 of them! I need to pack, weigh, pack, weigh, check, double check and oh my. I'm scared, excited and panicking slightly.

I hope that you lovely lot have been enjoying the Olympics and have been glued to the TV too! 

Have you got any tips of how to pack for Florida? Any places that you recommened to go or things to buy?

p.s. Well done to Team GB for being super duper amazing, especially Mo Farah who is now the double olympic champion, he beat the Cube so it was only right he won both medals. I've become really patriotic this week and just hearing that national anthem sang on numerous occasions by huge crowds makes you just go 'wow'.


  1. looks like you've had a lovely week :) the golden postbox is awesome!! xx

  2. i love week's like this, when the little things make it even better!

    Love it!



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