Thursday, 4 October 2012

To Autumn

It's always sad to say goodbye to summer, especially Summer 2012 as I've created memories that I will never forget and had an amazing time in Disneyworld Florida and all the surrounding places. 

But Autumn and Winter are creeping upon us slowly, dark nights closing in and wooly jumpers are at the ready, this has made me start thinking about all the things I enjoy about this time of year.
I've been sat wondering what to blog about and I realised I should blog about the things that I enjoy about autumn!

Here is my list so far.  

1. Spending rainy days inside, snuggle up on the sofa in pjs.
2. Movie marathons with blankets, sweets and my boyfriend.
3. Collecting conkers.
4. Buying wooly jumpers and scarfs.
5. Roast dinners with yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes.
6. Fireworks, sparklers, baked potatoes and soup on Bonfire night.
7. Going for long walks in the woods, kicking all the leaves that have fallen from the trees.
8. Wearing mittens.
9. Christmas being just around the corner.
10. Marshmallows and hot chocolate.
11. Carving pumpkins (even though I dislike halloween... ooops!)
12. Snuggling up in a oversized hoody watching guilty pleasure TV programmes.
13. Yankee christmas cupcake candles.
14. Christmas markets in Sheffield city centre.
15. Starbucks hot drinks.

What are your favourite things about Autumn?


  1. You are getting me so excied for Autumn & Winter! It's my favourite time of year without a doubt.xoxo


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