Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Review: Paco Rabanne Lady Million Perfume

Paco Rabanne Lady Million; my new favourite fragrance right now.

For birthdays and christmas I'd always been after Marc Jacobs perfumes (Daisy, Lola etc.) and thought that it was time to try a new fragrance. 
Originally I picked up the rollerball from Sephora as I wasn't sure I'd like the fragrance but I fell in love, so when we was coming home from Disneyworld I decided to pick this up in duty free and I'm so glad that I made this decision. It's slowly becoming my favourite fragrance out of them all.

I also love the packaging that Lady Million comes in, you'd think that it would be difficult to spray due to the shape of the bottle but it easily fits into your hand. The bottle is also shaped like a diamond which are a ladies best friend!

Perfume experts descrive this as a floral fragrance with top notes of bitter oranges and fleshy raspberry, heart notes of neroli, orange flower and arabian jasmine, with base notes of honey and vibrant patchouli. I wish I knew what all of this meant, but for those of you that I do please let me know what this means.

A couple of squirts of the fragrance and your good to go, it normally lasts a few hours but if I feel I need a top-up I just use the rollerball which I carry round in my handbag. I seriously wish they sold these in the UK, they are so handy and much more convinient than carry a whole bottle of perfume around each day.

Next time your in Boots, go and have a sniff, I hope it doesn't disappoint.

What do you think of Paco Rabanne? Whats your current favourite fragrance?



  1. ooooh, im currently on the hunt for a new fragrance! So will definitely go and check out Paco Rabanne Lady Million!

    I have 2 favourites! First being a limited edition 'Carolina Herrera' CH Garden Party. But i bought my first ever bottle from heathrow airport and she told me it was limited edition? I have never seen it in stores but I'm sure its available online?! but its amazing! and the bottle is so pretty!!

    My second is an all time favourite Vera Wang- Princess!!


    1. I love Vera Wang :) her bottles are really pretty too! If you can't tell I like perfumes with pretty bottles.
      Yes definately go and smell it



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