Saturday, 22 September 2012

Review: Dior Colour Designer: All-In-One Makeup palette

(the lip colours which are under the small Dior drawer)
Duty free purchase number two! Yes I know I'm a terrible person but they shouldn't put such beautiful products there for people like me to purchase... I suppose I 'had' to spend the dollars though.

The palette contains everything that you need to create whole look, the base products which it contains are the anticernes concealer in the shade beige clair/ light beige and the Diorskin nude natural flow powder in shade #032 Sable Rose. Unfortunately I haven't used used these products yet so I can't comment on them and my skintone. 

The blush is Diorblush #830 Rose Dragee, the pigmentation is very low giving a whisper of cool pink with a slight silver glitter. The eyeshadows which are in the palette contains pinks, plum, brown and a white (the shades listed are #852, #501, #689, #836, #959). 

There is also a mini Dior mascara which is Diorshow, its a really great mascara which adds alot of volume to lashes. However it is really difficult to get off my eyes so I don't really use it that much.

Under the main palette there is a small pull out drawer that opens up which has a mini crayon eyeliner in Noir #090 (black) and a mini crayon eyebrow pencil in Sable Sand #453 (slightly warm brown). There are also a few applicators and a sponge included in the drawer.

Overall I like the palete and it is well thought out with the majority of the colours suiting a variety of skintones. The quality of the products is lovely and you can tell that it is a high-end product as I'm used to using more drugstore products. My favourite thing about the palette is having all of the products together which makes it handy to carry round and for travelling.

I definately wish high-end make up was more affordable as I have list as long as my arm of the products that I want/ need to get hold off.


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