Friday, 14 December 2012

Harry Potter Studio Tour

Last Friday me, Danny and my mum went to London for the day and visited the Harry Potter studio tour in London.

I'd wanted to go for so long and I was so happy the day we booked it and when the day arrived I was majorly excited.

If you're wondering what is at the Studio Tour, there's costumes, sets, props, masks, tricks of the trade and inside secrets, how 'green screen' works and Diagon Alley and a Hogwarts model, that thing is amazing. 
If all that isn't enough, you step outside try Butterbeer, see Hagrid's motorbike with sidecar, the Knight Bus and see 4 Privet Drive. It's just a whole host of excitement in one place.

It was so magical and nice to see things brought to life that you could only see in the films or imagine in the books.

I've included a few snippets from the day below... enjoy! 


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  1. I am melting with jealousy!! It looks amazing!

    Shona x


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