Monday, 31 December 2012

Life: 2012 in Photos

Here is a few photos from things that have happened in 2012. I've had a really good year, other than a few rubbish parts but I don't want to focus on them! I've had so many memories this year that I'll never forget. 

2013 is the year of change for myself, I'll finish university and graduate entering the big wide world and getting a proper job.
I want to do more in the upcoming year, have more 'adult' responsibilities for myself, make the most of opportunities that are given to me. I want to take more photographs and explore places that I haven't seen before, I'm planning a trip with Danny to Paris sometime next year and this is one exciting thing already. I want to take more care of myself, get fit, lose weight and have a skincare routine which I do daily/ weekly.
I also want to spend more time with those who matter to me and I don't see that much and last of all one of my top priorities is to keep on top of university work in these final 12 weeks and to fully concentrate on this, I've also got a few opportunities for internships that I'm excited about too. 

Last of all I want to keep blogging and use this as a place to store my memories, talk about things I enjoy and have something to be proud of on the internet.
Let's see how it goes!

I hope you all have a fantastic New Year and hope that 2013 brings you happiness and amazing memories! 

See you all in 2013 x

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  1. really great resolutions :) and lovely photos from 2012 :) wish you all the best this 2013 especially with your uni :)


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