Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Weekday Wishlist #008

I know I haven't posted in so long and have been having a constant battle with myself over wanting to blog but not being able to put it into words, so I thought I'd start with a wishlist. I find this the best way to get shopping out of my system even though I wish I could afford everything I want, unfortunately I can't :( (why doesn't money grow on trees!)

Right... back to the post!

I've heard so much about this Clarins product it's made me want it so much more. I've been suffering with alot of blemishes lately and hate the sight of my large pores around my nose and I think this would a great addition to my make up bag. 

I have an obsession with phone cases and have a collection which would rival the Apple store but I love the galaxy print on the back of this and the words aswell. My current case is a Donald Duck one from Disneyworld so I think I may need to buy this. There are also some other great ones on Etsy so go and have a peek!

How cute is this sweater? It's completely different to any others out there as they all seem to be darker colours and I always like to add abit of colour into my wardrobe in the winter, it helps to stop you feeling down and rubbish about the cold.

This is just beautiful. I've seen it on so many blogs and fell in love with it so much, the one thing that puts me off is that it's that beautiful that I don't think I could use it because I'd be too afraid to even touch it. I suppose it would look beautiful just sat there with the gold packaging.

I hope you all had a lovely Bonfire night and stayed safe. Now it's back to dissertation work and weeks filled with assignments in the run up to Christmas :( WAH!
Lots of love

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  1. Oooh, I love the phone cover! Galaxy print is definitely always a winner :D x


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