Saturday, 23 June 2012

Review: L'Oréal Telescopic Waterproof Mascara

L'Oréal Telescopic Mascara (Boots/ Superdrug) £10.99

I recently got this mascara from Boots as L'Oréal items were on offer buy one, get one 1/2 price which is always a good deal. I'd also heard alot about the mascara so thought it was time to try it out and give my opinion on it. I picked up the waterproof version as I thought if I liked it, it could come along with me to Florida and it would be great to wear being waterproof.

I'm such a mascara junkie and have so many in my collection all of which are drugstore and I've never tried any high-end mascaras but I'd love to try the YSL one.

The brush of the mascara is really thin and small which makes it really good for applying to the lashes and it allows for there to be no smudging which I find happens with some mascara brushes that are larger.

It is really waterproof and tough to get off the lashes even with my No7 eye makeup remover but I don't really want to be scrubbing my eyes really hard to make sure that I get all the mascara off. I might try the non-waterproof version to see if this is the same.

However the only problem that I found was that it left my lashes a little bit clumpy, I'm not sure why but I used a lash comb and they seemed to disappear. But this isn't something that I'd really want from a mascara.

Overall I really love how my lashes look and the mascara in general, one of my favourite things is the brush because of the thin brush and the ease that it brings to applying the mascara. I think its definately one of my favourite drugstore mascaras that I have tried.

Have you tried this mascara? What are your thoughts?


Friday, 22 June 2012

Weekend Wishlist #006

Well there are 10000 other things that I could have added to this wishlist and I only just managed to cut it down to these 6. 

I love this jumper especially how it goes from white/ pink to just a pink block. I think it would be versatile and you could wear it with leggings, jeggings or even a skinny pair of jeans. I would like to know the thickness though whether it could be worn on a cooler summer evening when summer actually comes! 
The watch is a cheaper alternative to the Michael Kors watches that everyone seems to rave about, I love rose gold and would love to have this round my wrist. I'm one of those girls who can't seem to live without a watch, I think this would also be a piece of jewellery because of how different it is.
Peplum's are amazing! This is the most perfect LBD in my eyes, its just the price tag that puts me off :(
The two bracelets are both so cute and simple, especially the pearl and gold heart this would go with any outfit and with any pieces of jewellery your wearing. Its also only £3.50 and it looks well worth it. Get me to River Island now!
Lastly the black pouch bag looks the perfect size for a day where you don't need to take much or for holiday in the evening. It also comes in brown leather and is so cute, I remember having my eye on a suede one in Topshop once but it sold out so I think I need to get my hands on this one.

What's on your weekend wishlist? Would you want any of the above? 
ITS FRIDAY!!! yaaaay.

Thursday, 21 June 2012


I wanted to blog today but really didn't no what to write about. I've got a couple of ideas in the pipeline but everything I wrote seemed like it didn't make sense so I thought I'd show you some of my photography work. Photography is one of my passions and I enjoy it so much, especially nature, landscapes, animals and sport (ice hockey). If you can't tell I also love ducks so I thought I definately had to put them in the post too.

I hope your all having a great week and even though the weather is abit miserable (booo!). Maybe these photos will brighten up your day :)


Thursday, 14 June 2012

Glamour Magazine Freebies

This month Glamour magazine were giving away samples of 3 popular Benefit items, these are Porefessional, That Gal and Bad Gal Lash. I picked up the two which I wanted to try out the most and at £2 rather than £20+ I thought it would be rude not to.

First of all I picked up That Gal it is a shimmery, pink tinted  primer which can be worn alone or under make-up to give brighter, smoother skin. I used this the first day I got it and I love the smell, many don't like using fragranced products on their skin but this smells so lovely. I really liked the product, it brightened my face and I loved how my make-up looked that day. I haven't ever used a primer but I really liked the product and wish I could afford a full sized version of this but at the moment the bank balance won't allow it.

I also got Porefessional the newest primer by Benefit. It's a nude, light feeling cream which minimises the appearance of pores and fine lines, for myself this was perfect. I always feel abit self-conscious about the pores on my cheeks and my nose but when I used this product it seemed to cover them and I felt so much happier. My make-up also lasted longer which I was really happy with. Using this sample has definately made me want a full sized version of this aswell but I think I'd take this over Bad Gal.

I used both That Gal and Porefessional together to see whether they worked and they did and I'll use them together again. I always love freebies with magazines and they have definately made me want the full-sized versions, naughty Glamour magazine.

You can purchase the full-size editions of all three products at Benefit Cosmetics or at any Benefit counter, That Gal retails at £21.50 and Porefessional is £23.50.

Each copy of the magazine comes with a different celebrity on the cover and each celebrity kind of represents a Benefit products. The celebs are Kylie Minogue, Eva Longora and Fearne Cotton.

So did you manage to pick up a Benefit freebie, two or three? What do you think of them?


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Life: Things I've Been Doing..

diamond wedding anniversary party; union jack flag; Queenie's diamond jubilee flag; ducks; cupcakes; sweet shop; windsor castle & bunting.

Here is what I got up to over the Jubilee weekend, I've been absent from blogging as I went to spend time with family. I spent the afternoon in Windsor as its close by, it was a nice day other than the fact that it rained all day long and it was horrible but thats the British weather!

Also I felt that I needed some time away from blogging and the internet to try and get a proper direction for my blog. I've found out that I'm happy with what I talk about and I'm thankful for each and everyone of my readers.

I hope you enjoyed the Jubilee and are having a good week so far.


Monday, 4 June 2012

Frugal Living

As a student I know I'm always trying to save money or stop myself from wanting to buy things that I don't necessarily need. I tell myself that I'm on a spending ban yet someone needs to reinforce the meaning to me or take my card away because when I don't want to spend money I always seem to buy things. I'm sure everyone else is the same.

I thought I'd start a new series of money saving tips (kinda like Martin Lewis, but worth less money) to try and stop me from saving and to help you save money too!

The first topic I'm going to cover is online shopping, this is the most difficult area for myself to save money as when I'm not at university I'm always browsing online shops, reading blogs and watching Youtube videos which makes me want to spend money even more. Maybe I should stop blogging and ban myself from my laptop!

1. Try to use student discount online; I use myunidays as it offers student discount online for a number of stores including ASOS, Schuh, Misguided and many more. All you have to do is use your student id to sign up for the website and it gives you a code to add in at the checkout. Also you get a unique URL which allows you to earn money each time you refer someone to the website, which is also great. So don't delay, sign up today!

2. Look for online codes/ offers; ASOS offers 20% and free next-day delivery quite often it seems so I always try to keep an eye out for this and to order the things I want which are more expensive, this way you can save money AND get the clothes you want. What more could you ask for? Also look out for offers on other websites, I check Myvouchercodes often to see what coupons they have on there which can be used online, today for example 15% off online at Urban Myvouchercodes also has offers on for restaurants.

3. Ebay; For both selling and purchasing, you can often get amazing deals on Ebay for false eyelashes in bulk, mobile phone cases, old mobile phones etc. I'm sure many of you already use Ebay but if you have clothes or anything that you don't want anymore, give a quick search and see how much things are going for, its better to put it up for sale if you don't want it because what are the odds that someone else wants to buy it. I use Ebay all the time and many of my friends do aswell.

4. Buy theme park tickets online; Many theme parks offer tickets online for cheaper, I know at this time of year people visit theme parks more but I know when I go I always try and use the 2 for 1 vouchers that come free with crisps etc at this time of year. If you can't find any you often save 10%? online and you can just pick them up on the day and don't have to queue.

If you can think of anymore tips for online sopping leave them below and I might add them to the post. I hope your all enjoying the jubilee weekend and having a few more days holiday, I'm going to get some Pimms and sit down and enjoy the concert. 


Friday, 1 June 2012

End of the week update.

001. I went to the gym this week, twice! This is the first time I've been in over 3 months because of university and I had the 'cba' attitude but thats gone now. I really enjoyed it actually and didn't struggle as much as I thought I would.
002. Yesterday I went out for a meal with Danny and his family for his Nan and Grandad's 60th wedding anniversary. Yes 60 whole years and its so weird that its the same year and weekend as the Queen, I guess that makes it extra special for them and I feel so happy to be involved with them and to know people that have been married for 60 years. Tomorrow they are having a party to celebrate with everyone and that should be extra special for them, so I'm really excited.
003. It's jubilee weekend! For some reason I'm super excited for all the fesitivities that are happening over the weekend, the concert that Gary Barlow has sorted out on Monday and the pageant on Sunday. I think its something we're probably never to see again in our lifetime and to celebrate it now.
004. I got university grades back this week and I'm so pleased with myself I got a 1st and a 2:1 in different modules and I really didn't expect to do that well. So a little pat on the back for myself.
005. I might not be around in the blogging community next week as much because I'm going down South for a few days to visit my Grandad and don't want to spend too much time blogging and I don't have that much to say at the moment.

006. Don't forget to pick up a copy of Glamour magazine to get your Benefit freebies, I picked up Porefessional and That Gal today and I can't wait to try them. For £2 it seems good for 75ml and to see if you like the product.

I hope you all enjoy this Jubilee weekend and have a good time!