Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Review: Mascara Mascara Mascara

Mascaras are one of the products that I go out and always seem to have a good collection of and can't decide which one to use on a daily basis. I love full, thick lashes like everyone else I suppose.
I have three that I tend to use the most and prefer out of the rest. As a colour reference for the mascaras I also buy black or extreme black, I'm quite wanting to try a brown/ black mascara just to see the difference in my lashes.

The three mascaras are No7 Exceptional Definition, Maxfactor False Lash Effect Fusion and Maybelline One by One Volume Express.

The first No7 Exceptional Definition is a really good mascara, it separates lashes nicely.The brush also has many 'nifty' features to it, as one side has a long combed brush and the other has the 'teeth' closer together and shorter. I'm guessing each side of the brush are for the top and bottom lashes, lastly the ball on the end of the brush is handy for getting into the corner lashes easily, which is something that I struggle to do with most mascaras without putting it all over my eyes and nose somehow. I've found this mascara quite easy to remove but not as easy as some.

The second is Maxfactor False Lash Effect Fusion, this is my all time favourite mascara! I love the size of the brush, it isn't too small and it isn't too big which is always useful when it comes to mascaras. Also no matter what mascara I have I always seem to put this one in my make-up bag and use it no matter what. I just love what it does to my lashes, it makes them look big, adds volume to them and separates them easily. It also lasts all day which is also a big plus and is easy to remove.

Lastly the Maybelline One by One Volume Express mascara, another one of my favourites. It doesn't make lashes look clumpy, it adds volume, adds length and is just lovely on the lashes. This is my favourite when it comes to non-clumpy lashes. The brush is also a perfect shape as its oval and it allows for easy distribution of the mascara on all of the lashes. The only problem that I have with this mascara is that it seems to remove easily at night time, however when it comes to the next morning I find that I have black smudges of mascara around my eyes. I also seem to purchase any of the Maybelline mascaras and I've liked them all other than the 'falsies' mascara, it just didn't seem to work for me.

What are your favourite mascaras? 
All of the above can be found in Boots, Superdrug and other stores e.g. supermarkets. Other than No7 which can only be found in Boots. 
I hope your all enjoying your Wednesday and this lovely weather (:


  1. I never get on with no7 mascaras for some reason, i am in love with L'Oreal ones at the moment from the architect range. I also manage to get mascara all over my nose, just tell people its a beauty spot! xxx

    1. I've not tried any of the L'Oreal ones but I've heard alot of good things about them so may have to make a cheeky purchase (: ox


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