Monday, 6 February 2012

Soap & Glory's 'A Great Kisser'

This is the latest product to be launched by Soap & Glory in their new cosmetics line, this is the luscious lip-balm called 'A Great Kisser'.

Personally I am a huge fan of the Soap & Glory lines, I love the quirky packaging and the names of the products they just stand out and are so different from most of the cosmetics which are around. 
Some of my favourites products from Soap & Glory include the 'Kick Ass' Concealer - such a great concealer, The Righteous Body Butter - one of the best body moisturisers around and Clean on Me shower gel - I love the scent of it.

The lip-balms claim to contain mango butter to moisturise, apricot butter for weather protection, lingoberry oil to boost barrier repair (and prevent water loss) and pomegranate extract to renew your 'dewy'. What more could you ask for from a lip-balm?

They are some in three different flavours:
Juicy Peach (a gorgeous coral)
Sweet Coconut (clear with a hint of shimmer)
Chocolate Cherry (a sheer, popsicle pink)

The lip-balms are now available in all larger Boots stores. I'm definately wanting to pick one, maybe two or all three of these lip-balms :) 

At the moment I'm suffering from dry lips, so this may help unless anyone else can recommend any other products as Vaseline doesn't seen to be working that well for me this time.
What are your favourite Soap and Glory products? Whether they are cosmetics or bath/ shower products?


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