Monday, 27 February 2012

Sunday Summary 005

001. Happy Monday :)! Yes I know this should have been done on a Sunday but I was busy and didn't get round to doing it.

002. I got One Direction tickets this weekend, yes I am super super super excited and yes I'm 21 but oh well. Louis is my favourite, he's also from South Yorkshire (Doncaster) so he has to be my fave right?

003. I have two days off uni (monday and tuesday) so will sort lots of posts out for this week. This is what I say every week I'm sure of it but I think I'm just lazy and need some sort of 'plan' that will make me do it every single day, or most days. I have 15 followers which isn't alot I know but its nice to know that some people just come and read my blog. So I thank you all.

004. I've got an exciting couple of weekends ahead, this Friday I'm off to London with my best friend for the weekend with will be so good, and we're off to see Jersey Boys aswell. I'm sure we will spend alot of time on Oxford Street aswell as its 0.5 miles away from our hotel ;) Definately going to make the most of this weekend because its not everyday you get given the chance to go away for the weekend in London, to the West End aswell is it?! I'm also off to Belfast for St Patrick's Weekend which will be scary as I've never flown but its all for ice hockey and I'm amazingly excited for this. Also got alot of university things happening which I could mention on this blog as it would allow for you to see what I'm doing.

005. Went on a 'date night' with my boyfriend this week. It was also our 3 year anniversary (we've been together 6 years unofficially) and it was so lovely, we went for food at a little pub in Sheffield city centre and then to the cinema to see The Woman in Black, oh dear such a jumpy jumpy film but the storyline is just brilll! Was weird seeing Daniel Radcliffe as a different character and he wasn't playing Harry Potter, he's definately one of my favourite actors!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend whatever you did! Enjoy your week (:

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