Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Review: Benefit Hervana

Here is my new little beauty! Benefit Hervana. This was one of my first posts on the blog and I have finally got my hands on it. I purchased it from Buyapowa and paid £17.50 instead of the normal £23.50 which made me happier. I received the item over the weekend when I wasn't here so I was really excited to open it when I found out. 

The blusher is a mix of 4 colours; a champagne, a beige, a pink and a purple. Swished all together and it gives a cool flushed look. It is supposed to make you look angelic (the name meaning Her Nervana). I love absolutely everything about this blush, the packaging is beautiful and the colours just look gorgeous. I find it so satisfying being able to swish the brush around and to pick up all the different shades that are available.

I haven't tried the blush yet so I'm super excited to do so, I think it will look so pretty to wear and just make my face glow. I love the way the packaging opens, I haven't had a Benefit blush before so can't really compare it to any of the others. Its safe to say that it is love however :)
I'd love to get my hands on some more of the blushers by Benefit, £23.50 just seems alot for the product but I suppose they're investments and will last ageeees. It's definitely going to look pretty on my dressing table.

What do you think of the Hervana blush? Have you got your hands on it?

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