Friday, 30 March 2012

Weekend Wishlist #004 Pastels

I've finally finished uni for my Easter Holidays (yaaaay)
I'm a pretty skint student right now but I can't wait for the last bit of loan for this year to fill up my bank account, part of its going towards my holiday to Florida and the rest is for me :) I'm living through wishlists at the moment, this is more fun because I can choose the things I want but it makes me want so so so much more! 

It doesn't help stalking blogs and youtube videos looking at hauls of make-up and clothes that people have bought.. oh I want so much. 

Theres alsorts of little bits and bobs that I need to pick up when I next go shopping; collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer, new mascara - any recommendations? I'm thinking the Loreal Telescopic, shoes - brogues or pumps for the summer/ spring time and possibly some new jewellery! Along with the Real Techniques stippling brush, blush brush and core collection... I think I've just spent my loan all at once!

Whats on your wishlist for this weekend?



  1. I love that Miss Selfridge dress, gorgeous colour (: I'm wishing all my loan away too at the mo! So many things I keep seeing that are lovely. As for mascara recommends I recently got a Body Shop Volume (something like that) one which is really good, but I wanna try the loreal one too since everybody seems to love it (: x

  2. I love the Miss S dress! I have also been eyeing up those shoes for ages! I posted recently about my wishes...which i've bought all of! OOPS! xxx


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