Friday, 23 March 2012

Weekend Wishlist #003

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My Weekend Wish-list, I could have had 251414 times on this list but decided to cut it down to just 6, difficult I must say! Doesn't you hate it when there's so much you want but you have so little money, bring on the 4th April (student loan day!!!)

001. The stud dip dye jumper is so cute and perfect for the springtime, as its not necessarily warm enough all day for strappy dresses and shorts but this would be perfect in the evening time, or even during the day. The colours are lovely!

002. Another coral item and its a makeup bag, just perfect!!! One of my favourite colours, and the studded details adds a little something extra to it.

003. The t-shirt is just so cute, some may find it a little creepy. But for some reason it just stands out to me, just the price tag that kinda puts me off.

004. I've heard alot about this highlighter, and actually don't own one. This is perfect for those who want to save a little money on make-up items and its meant to be a really good product too. I'd heard it has been discontinued so they must have brought it back for the spring/ summer.

005. How amazing is this clutch? The perfect colour for spring/ summer, as the nude colours allow it to go with any item of clothing and the neon pink just make it even more perfect in my eyes. Definately need to purse this. It's a good size too, which means it would be good for daytime use too.

006. I just always lust over MAC products, I've wanted this for soooo long after I'd read great reviews about it, and it would look so pretty in the spring/ summertime and brighten up a face. Maybe I need to make the splurge and purchase this.

I didn't have room to fit on the Real Techniques Core Collection, blush brush, stippling brush and all the other brushes in the range. I've heard so much about them, how good they are so I feel like I NEED them so so so much!!

Whats on your current wishlist?


  1. I want more MAC too ^^
    following you via GFC and Hellocotton xx

    1. I only have one item and its Dainty Blush! Aww thanks :) ox

  2. I love your blog! Those two shirts is really beautiful:)


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